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Deep Silver To Publish Dead Island, Dead Island To Take Over The World

Video game publisher Deep Silver announced today that they will be publishing Dead Island for Techland. I have to say, they are the luckiest video game publisher on the planet. Dead Island in 1 day went from being the game that as Adam Dodd put it “that dark place video games go when they die prematurely” to probably being one of the most anticipated games of the year. And just about everyone unanimously agrees it is probably one of the best video game trailers of all time.

The game obviously takes place in a tropical island resort where a mysterious zombie outbreak takes place and wreaks absolute havok on the gorgeous island. The campaign is said to be dark and very much inspired by classic horror films. There is going to be a huge lack of weapons on the island, which I love because why would an island be loaded with weapons and ammo. Which leaves you AND 3 OF YOUR FRIENDS to use plenty of different items and objects around the island to protect yourself. It will have a Dead Rising 2 weapon combo type deal however the game will be in 1st person and way more fun than Dead Rising 2 because you can play with many friends.

Here is where the game takes the gold. They are going to have RPG elements where you can develop your character and your characters specific abilities to help you survive on the deadly island.

Later this year the game is looking to be released on the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.



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