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This Ninja Gaiden 3 Teaser is Short and Bloody

Nope, no gameplay here, just squishy sound effects followed by a bucket or two of blood and potential look at Ryu’s face. Like almost every teaser that comes out these days this one does a good job of showing us absolutely no gameplay and no real details on the story but what it does do is… I don’t know, maybe it gets some people amped? Check it out below.

I’ll admit my lack of overall knowledge regarding the Ninja Gaiden series. I tried the second one but it kicked my ass so hard I had to call it quits early on. This one probably doesn’t give a damn that I can’t get past the early levels without going through a few controllers, but apparently that works for some people. It’s been a while since we last heard from the game, last October, to be more precise. With GDC going on right now we’re likely to hear at least a little more about this game so stay tuned.



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