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Uncharted 3’s Katherine Marlow, She’s A Little Bit Of A Bitch

In this latest video from Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, watch as Katherine Marlow gets up in Nathan’s face a bit. With a knife.

Uncharted 3 will be changing lives November 1st of this year on the Playstation 3. Head past the break to read about how awesome the fire, and the 3D will be in Uncharted 3. As if you didn’t already know. 3D and Fire technology summary


* 3D support planned from outset of development.
* Built from the ground-up and fully integrated into Naughty Dog Engine 3.0.
* Optimisations and technology developed for 3D support have benefited the 2D version.
* Precise aiming, especially around corners, aided through 3D support.
* Judging depth during traversal sequences aided through 3D support.
* Player experience from the cinematic presentation during set piece moments enhanced (e.g. increased sense of vertigo, etc).


* Particle system has been overhauled to allow the increase in number of effects and overdraw required for fire.
* Simulation combined with intricate hand crafting used to create the feeling of being trapped in an inferno.
* Fire actually affects the environment, changing traversal opportunities and creating and removing cover in combat situations.
* Several additional animation layers for Drake, Sully, and enemies to ground them in the environment and what is happening around them.
* Dozens of contextual animations for Drake stepping in, standing near, and taking cover by fire.



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