This Red Faction 'Ruin Mode' Trailer Comes With Some Concept Art - Bloody Disgusting
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This Red Faction ‘Ruin Mode’ Trailer Comes With Some Concept Art



This game looks like explosive good fun and while it’ll retain much of the mindless destructive tendencies that Guerrilla had what really sets Red Faction: Armageddon apart is its added survival horror flavor. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Armageddon takes place under the surface of Mars where humanity has drilled too deep, waking up an ancient race of creepy bug aliens. Add on top of that the blow shit up and put it back together again features from the first game, new weapons, mechs and the Ruin Mode that you can check out below and this game is looking pretty damn good.

In case you’re worried about spending much of the game underground, head past the jump for some incredibly cool artwork that showcases the varied looks and atmosphere of the levels we’ll be exploring when Armageddon breaks down store shelves on May 31st.


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