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Kit Harington is Vincent in Silent Hill: Revelation

We’ve known for some time that Kit Harington (Game of Thrones TV series) was part of the cast of the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, the followup to the well-received (commercially, not critically) Silent Hill back in 2006. What we didn’t know is which character Kit would be portraying in the film. Well folks, today that changes as it looks like he’ll be assuming the role of Vincent, a priest of the Order. Vincent will be undergoing some changes in Revelation and he’s also going to have a more prevalent role in the film than he did in the games.

I’ll admit I had (admittedly improbable) hopes that Cillian Murphy would be Vincent. Yes, I know that would never happen but you have to admit the guy shares a rather remarkable resemblance to Vincent. With that said I’m sure Kit will kick ass in the role. Now we just have to wait to hear who will be taking on Claudia. A few months back I offered a few possibilities for the role, just in case a certain director happens to be perusing this post. News via Michael J. Bassett’s blog



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