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Play Silent Hill With Your Friends in Eternal Bonds

Update: Just to clarify, this was an April Fool’s Day joke (As if you didn’t know this already).

Remember that multiplayer Silent Hill we talked about a few weeks back? Well, we finally have some details on the game gamers seem pretty split on. It’s called Silent Hill: Eternal Bonds, and it follows a family that travels to Silent Hill for their family vacation. Pro tip: If you’re planning a family vacation or road trip with your friends there are a few towns you should definitely skip, including but not limited to Silent Hill, Raccoon City, Greenvale and Ravenholm, just to name a few.

As you no doubt predicted, the family finds a slew of unexpected surprises when they reach the foggy town resort. There will be four playable characters, the parents and their two teenage kids (a boy and girl). The press release made it sound like the game could be exclusive to the XBLA but we’ll confirm that before we go and freak out any PS3 fans. What we do know is it’s due out this winter. A multiplayer Silent Hill? Could be good, but it could also suck horribly. Thoughts? Predictions? Should this be the next game TJ and I cover in the next Premature Evaluation?



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