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Evil Dead is On its Way to iPad, iPhone

Is that a boomstick in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Forget the 3DS and the NGP (PSP 2), because Apple’s iPad and iPhone are becoming the top choices for gamers on the go. Need proof? How about a steamy dose of boomstick flailing action in the upcoming Evil Dead? Yes sir, it looks like Sam Raimi’s campy horror classic that helped make Bruce Campbell the demigod he is today will soon be . The game’s currently in the approval phase before it can make it to the iTunes store but when it does the game will be available on both the iPad and iPhone for $4.99 and $2.99, respectively.

Evil Dead is an “action-heavy 3D shooter” that will be made up of 30 levels spread across two chapters where you take control of Ash (Bruce Campbell) as he leads his friends to safety while being insanely awesome. The first chapter follows the plot of the first film while the second is a completely new story and all of this will be accompanied by the film’s actual score. Yes. Please. Hollywood has always taken classic films and remaking them but it wasn’t until the last decade that the trend became incredibly popular. Now it would seem this movement might be shifting into the realm of video games, but in a really good way.

Who knows? If this does well enough it could reinvigorate the franchise, bring in new fans and mark a glorious return to one of the best horror classics in the last three decades, maybe even bring us one step closer to a new Evil Dead movie. One can only hope.

News via the Hollywood Reporter



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