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Shadows of the Damned Dev Diary Wins Award For Best Video Ever

If there ever was an award show with a category for best dev diary, this brand spanking new one for Shadows of the Damned featuring Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) and a duo of fantastically epic translators would win it hands down. If you’ve found yourself straddling the fence, unable to decide whether the game looked as mind-blowingly spectacular as it does to me right now, this video should bring you over to my side. Seriously, it’s just that delicious.

Did I mention it has possibly the best voice dubbing my ears have ever had to pleasure to listen to? That thing just made four and a half minutes of sweet, passionate love to my earholes. Phew, I think I need a cigarette. Shadows of the Damned releases for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on June 21st.



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