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Here’s Another Chance to Win the Black Ops Escalation Pack

We’ve already given out a code to one lucky winner but since we’re just so incredibly generous we’re now giving out not one, but three more codes to download the Escalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. You see, we’re looking out for you because we understand that $15 is a lot to ask for a map pack, no matter how amazing it is. This way, if you’re one of the lucky winners you can spend your 15 bucks on drugs and hookers, like normal people do.

Joining in on this orgy of free stuff is easy peasy – remember our Premature Evaluation series? Well, we’re looking to replace the games in our meter with your choices, as opposed to ours. So that brings us to how you can enter: all you have to do is comment on this article with the nine games you think should be on the meter, ranging from the best game to the worst. Once you’ve spread a thick helping of your opinion sauce all over our faces you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win the DLC. The current titles in our Premature Eval meter are the following nine games, ranging from best to worst:

Resident Evil 4
Fatal Frame 2
Doom 3
Dead Rising 2
Cold Fear
Silent Hill 4
Alone in the Dark
Clock Tower 3
Vampire Rain

When submitting your list there’s only one rule: your nine games must be at least loosely considered horror. Now get to it, and make us proud.



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