This Brand New Dark Souls Trailer Is Dark, Soulless - Bloody Disgusting
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This Brand New Dark Souls Trailer Is Dark, Soulless



So there’s this game, it’s called Demon’s Souls and I love it more than anyone should love a video game. It just so happens that this bringer of dirty sexual gratification is getting a sequel, the far better titled Dark Souls. Last month we were teased with a a potential release window to give us an idea of when we could expect the game to grace our consoles (and my smooth inner thigh) but now everything feels a little more real with an actual release date. But before we dig into that, here’s a brand new trailer for the game!

So when can you expect it? The folks in America are getting it on October 4th, while those across the pond will be able to rub it all over their faces on the 7th. Now I have to ask – is there anyone out there that is looking forward to this game as much as I am? I only ask because when I get it I’m considering some hot threeway action. Sure it doesn’t have a split-screen option but that’s alright, I like to watch. Picture it: you, me in my footed pajamas, some lit candles on the windowsill and a bottle of baby oil within reach of the Sumo Gigantor that we’ll definitely have to cuddle on while playing it.


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