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E3: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Trailer & Screens

Is it just me or is today really fucking good for horror fans? I can barely keep up with all the horror news coming out of E3 today. Capcom is taking us on another trip through Fortune City with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a sort of retelling of the events from Dead Rising 2 with new missions, weapons, and all through the eyes of the original game’s protagonist, photojournalist Frank West.

It could be interesting so long as they fix the save system, add more checkpoints and – even though they won’t do it – remove the time limit, or at the very least, let us choose to play through the game at our own speed once we’ve beaten the game. It sounds like they’ve fixed the first two, so this might be a worthwhile purchase for Frank West enthusiasts or anyone who really enjoyed the second game. Head past the break for some screens!



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