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E3: Prey 2 Shows Its Stuff In This Batch of Screens

The first Prey was an interesting take on the all too common alien invasion sub genre. It was a good game with some great ideas that were primarily bogged down by repetitive gameplay and a tacked on multiplayer, but the puzzle solving aspect, horror elements and unique weaponry helped it stand above the myriad of other shooters. Prey 2 promises to be even bigger and better, though it might be difficult to tell that the two are from the same series since the second game is going in a wildly different, almost Mass Effect-esque direction.

In it you play as US Marshall Killian Samuels, whose plane crashed into the Sphere (this crash was even shown in the original game, for those who were paying close enough attention). Fast forward several years later and Samuels has become a bounty hunter on an alien world called Exodus, though when the events in the game take place he’s struggling with amnesia. Samuels will have to continue his slay for pay profession while he tried to get his memory back. If all that hullabaloo sounds like your cup ‘o tea, head past the break for some screenshots. They’re mighty pretty.

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