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E3: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Scares Up A Trailer & Some Screenshots

You know what? We don’t give enough attention to Luigi. He’s the underappreciated and i think it’s high time we give that italian stud some love. I remember the first Luigi’s Mansion, way back in 2001, and despite the fact that I was only a tween when it came out, I have fond memories of the game. It took a decade to get it, but it looks like a new generation of tweens will be able to vacuum up ghosts inside not just one, but several mansions (shouldn’t it be called Luigi’s Mansions?) in this followup.

No word on a release date, though we know for sure it won’t be coming out until sometime next year (I suggest October, since everyone knows that’s the scariest month of the year) but it will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Continue on if you’d like to see a bunch of screenshots, though sadly they’re not in 3D.



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