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E3: Silent Hill: Book of Memories Is All About the Co-op

You might remember an ingenious April Fool’s day joke (alright, definitely not genius) about a multiplayer-centric Silent Hill: Eternal Bonds. Now it seems there really is a multiplayer Silent Hill in the works, and the game is the only recently announced Book of Memories, a game that was supposed to take the series in a whole new direction. That direction is cooperative multiplayer.

Konami is definitely pushing Silent Hill pretty hard, with Downpour, the HD collection and Book of Memories. Each of these games offer something unique: Downpour gives us a next-gen Silent Hill that will hopefully bring the main series back to its former glory, the HD collection gives us the chance to play the original titles that started it all again, and Book of Memories is taking the series in a completely different direction. Head past the jump to learn more about it. Book of Memories is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation Vita (originally dubbed the NGP), and is the first ever multiplayer Silent Hill. The game will bring with it a unique story, original soundtrack (no word yet on who will be composing it), and will link events from multiple games in the series. In it you and a friend must work together to escape the foggy town of Silent Hill.

It hasn’t been given a release date, possibly because the Vita doesn’t have one either?



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