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Halloween Was Being Pitched As A Motion Control Game



Now this is surprising. It would seem the Halloween films, as rebooted by director Rob Zombie, were being pitched as a motion control game for current gen consoles. From Creative Director Thierry Perreau’s LinkedIn profile, you can see he listed work as a Game Designer for a Halloween title for the Wii, Xbox 360 (Kinect) and PS3 (PS Move). How incredible would something like that be? I wouldn’t mind flailing my arms as I run from Michael Myers, or better yet, making Psycho style stab motions in the air as I slay my unsuspecting prey as Michael. I would totally go out and buy that.

I’m not sure whatever happened to the idea since to our knowledge it never got passed the “pitch” stage of video game development, but my mind’s already reeling with the possibilities. Of course I don’t think such a game would put us in the shoes, or boots I should say, of iconic serial killer Michael Myers, since that would only be fuel for the tired argument of whether video games make gamers violent (spoiler: they don’t). What about you? Does the idea of a motion control Halloween game get your nether regions all aflutter, or is this something you could live without?


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