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These Trailers Prove The Critics Love FEAR 3

So FEAR 3 is getting some solid reviews. Critics seem to be enjoying it, but really, who cares about them? Sure, 1Up calls it a blockbuster and GamesRadar has good things to say about its multiplayer, but what about me? In case you missed it, I enjoyed the fuck out of FEAR 3, but alas, none of my praise can be found on the game’s edited launch trailer. So to remedy this, I have an exclusive accolades trailer, made up of quotes from our review. Check it out below.

What?! That last quote was taken out of context! I’ll have you know I’m only mildly fond of cannibals. Moving on. I’m positive that trailer’s a little narcissistic but it’s all about me, so it’s alright. If you’d rather see what other sites have to say about FEAR 3, though I don’t know why you would after seeing that incredibly well made trailer above, you can check out the real video after the jump. But really, you don’t need to.



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