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Killing Floor’s Freak Friendly Summer Extravaganza Opens June 30th

Cooperative PC shooter Killing Floor is getting another seasonal update just in time to celebrate Summer. Why I ask, would you go out in the sun where you could so easily get cancer, or go swimming where your chances of drowning nearly double when you could instead sit inside playing video games? When indoors your chances of being raped, murdered, or catching an incurable case of herpes are cut by almost 200%! And all that info is based off an article I just read on the Internet titled Killing Floor’s Freak Friendly Summer Extravaganza Opens June 30th, so you know it’s true.

Killing Floor’s next free update, the Summer Sideshow event, will run from June 30th to July 22nd and will bring with it a brand spanking new map called the Abusement Park. This freaky funfair is infested with all sorts of creepy creatures, including the Two-Headed Girl, Bearded Lady, and the Fleshclown (incidentally, that last one is also the name of my [CENSORED]). There are also a handful of new Steampunk character skins, and if you’re able to get 10 of the 13 new achievements you’ll unlock a special Steampunk Mr. Foster.



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