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The Brain Eater’s Bible Review: Everything A Zombie Needs To Know To Survive



So, you’re looking around for some good zombie literature because you want to make sure you’re ready for the impending zombie apocalypse (and you know that the CDC’s plan is complete and utter rubbish). You’ve ready everything you need to ensure your survival but then it hits you, like a bucket of ice cold water, shocking you to the very core of your being.

“What if I don’t make it? What am I supposed to do then? How do I function?” Enter The Brain Eater’s Bible by J.D. McGhoul and Pat Kilbane, an invaluable instruction manual that teaches the reader what to do should they become one of the walking dead. But is there advice sound or will it ensure you get an extra hole in the head with a quickness? Check it out after the jump. The Baby Factor: If Max Brook’s Survival Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse got bitten like a little bitch, The Brain Eater’s Bible would be the terminator zombie that rose from the grave.

Let’s start with the presentation of this app: it looks great! Each page has a weathered, torn look about it with an easy to read font and often a picture is “taped” on. When the book comes to the journal entries, they have a distinctive hand-written look about them, which is a welcome font change as it keeps the feel of the journal separate from the instructional information. Turn the iPad to landscape mode and you enter what appears to be a workbench. Each screen in landscape mode has at the very least a journal that has, at most, two paragraphs of information relevant to the chapter of the book you’re currently in. Also in landscape mode are short movies hosted by J.D. McGhoul, complete in zombie make-up and in total character, and animated/interactive images. To put it simply, it’s a joy to look at this book.

Okay, so it looks great, but that doesn’t mean bupkis unless the content inside makes sure that you remain in your reanimated corpse state for as long as humanly (zombie-ly?) possible. Well, I can safely say that after reading The Brain Eater’s Bible, I will be ready to devour the brains of unsuspecting “freshies” with the best of them. The book goes over feeding techniques, what weapons to avoid, how to take care of your zombie body, and there are even diagrammed techniques for countering attacks from humans depending on their weapon. It doesn’t get much more comprehensive than this.

The Final Word: Look, let’s be honest, there is no way I’m going to lose when the zombie apocalypse comes. I know the lay of the land, I know how to survive and I know how to lay low effectively. Still, I learned a great deal from The Brain Eater’s Bible. It’s like the famous saying, “Know thy enemy.” Well, I’ve definitely learned a lot about how zombies organize and think thanks to this book. I definitely feel more prepared and it’s thanks to this book.


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