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Capcom Says They’re Being Ambitious With Resident Evil 6

While chatting with Gamerzines, Capcom’s Senior Vice President Christian Svensson leaked some interesting info regarding the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6. Sadly, it looks like we won’t be hearing anything regarding the game’s plot, characters or new direction (it’s another “reboot”), but Svensson did say they’re “making some drastic changes to a series to update it and keep it relevant,” and that the game will be a “complete reboot.”

Capcom won’t be starting from scratch like they are with their other major brand reboot, Devil May Cry, which to the dismay of many fans looks to be taking the series in a completely different direction. Instead, they’re taking a hard look at the elements that made Resident Evil such a great series in the first place, things like the classic Romero zombies and the constant dread that comes from knowing that something is waiting for you around the next corner. We won’t know what they’re doing with the next game, only that it won’t be like its predecessor, Resident Evil 5. News via Gamerzines.



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