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What’s Better Than A Movie Title Generator? A Video Game One, That’s What

A week ago I was introduced to the Horror film title generator, and since then my mind’s been aflutter with the great movie titles you all sent in, titles worthy of Oscars, or at the very least Spike’s Scream Awards. But now I dare say I have something better, something geeky and video game related, and something that promises to take up even more of my time. Let me introduce you to… drumroll please… Call of Duty: Burrito Warfare.

Sadly, Call of Duty isn’t actually diving into food warfare, Burrito Warfare was just the first title the new Video Game Title Generator threw at me (followed by Premium Chimp Hysteria). So I’m going to ask more from you than I ever have, or at least more from you than I have for a week. I want you to trot on over to the game title generator, click that little create button, and return to me with the results. And again, the prize is my undying love and affection, only this time I’ll also blow you a little kiss. I’m feeling generous.



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