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Survive a Cross-Country Journey in ‘Dead Man’s Trail’



Almost every old-school gamer remembers playing The Oregon Trail in school. Well, except for me (Cross Country Canada for the win). Anyhow, what if you took The Oregon Trail, and threw zombies into the picture? Well, that’s exactly what Pie For Breakfast Studios have done with Dead Man’s Trail.

Slated for release later this spring, Dead Man’s Trail has you leading a group of survivors across the country in hopes of making it out alive. Each member of your team has their own expertise that will be key to your survival. Whether it’s being an expert in firearms, a paramedic or a mechanic, it’s imperative that you keep your team happy and healthy as you make your way across the procedurally-generated landscape. Lose one member, and you’ll be hampered in that area for the rest of the way. Instead of a wagon, you travel in zombie apocalypse style, looting abandoned cities for supples in either a pickup truck, a school bus, or tractor trailer.

Right now, Dead Man’s Trail is currently in the process of getting onto Steam Greenlight (check out their page here), so give it a vote if you’re keen on it. For more info on the game, hit up the official site for the game’s production progress, including screenshots and videos.

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