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Check Out Some New Black Death Gameplay, It’s Scary Good

A few weeks ago TJ gave us a brief glimpse at a brand new horror game entitled Black Death. This game is from the lads and ladettes who brought us the excellent Resident Evil 4-ish horror game Cold Fear, back in 2005, and they even had their hands in the mysterious I Am Alive survival game who’s development has since shifted to Ubisoft Shanghai. Needless to say, they know horror, and more than that, they know how to make good games, and that’s why I’m more than a little excited for this game. Still not sold? Check out some gameplay.

All that is from the prototype so it’s nowhere near finished and much of it could change from the final product. With that said, it still looks fucking fantastic and I’m all for another post-apocalyptic game that forces me to wear a gas mask while terrifying things try to tear me apart (See: Metro 2033). So far this Black Death is PC exclusive and there’s no word yet regarding a release date but I’ll try my best to pry myself from my Xbox 360 to let you know when you can get your hands on this game. I just have to muster the willpower. I can do it.



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