Age of Zombies is Out Now, Here's A Trailer to Prove it! - Bloody Disgusting
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Age of Zombies is Out Now, Here’s A Trailer to Prove it!



We haven’t heard from this game in over a year but now we can finally get some sweet zombie action on the go with Halfbricks’ Age of Zombies. If you have an app capable device like an iPhone, Android or Windows 7 phone, you can get this game. It’s also available as a PSP mini, so you can kick undead dinosaur bum on your neglected PSP. Well, I don’t know for sure if your PSP is neglected, you might play with it often, but there’s a good chance that many of the PSPs out there are covered in a thick coat of dust. Poor things.

Why are you still reading this Age of Zombies is out now, so go get it. It’s what Frank West would want you to do.


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