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Let the Pixelated Blood Flow in This They Bleed Pixels Trailer

I didn’t know what this was until earlier today when I was perusing the Internets, searching for amusing animal videos, as one does when they’re bored and have no one to have sexual relations with. Then, without notice, I stumbled on a trailer for an upcoming gothic beat ’em up titled They Bleed Pixels, and it immediately caused me to undergo what I can only describe as a violent fit of ecstasy. You see, this isn’t just another puzzle platformer, oh no sir, this is what the lovechild would look like if Super Meat Boy and Dishwasher got together to make love in a tub filled with the blood of a hundred virgins.

“It tells the story of a young girl haunted by a mysterious book and her violent Lovecraftian nightmares.” Haunted? Mysterious books? Lovecraftian? Sign me up! You can find They Bleed Pixels among the Xbox Live Indie Games when it gives XBLA a much needed dose of pixelated gore sometime later this summer.



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