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Bloodrayne: Betrayal Sucks the Life Out of XBLA, PSN Next Month

Bloodrayne’s next adventure was only unveiled back in March and now it’s been given a release date. Bloodrayne: Betrayal will officially kick the ever living shit out of XBLA and PSN on August 30th, and what better way to cap off the slow months of summer than with a stylish 2D platformer filled to the brim with bloody mayhem? It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new Bloodrayne game, hopefully this will fill the void left in many fans’ hearts when the last game was cancelled.

Betrayal brings with it 15 levels set across a variety of unique environments from forests to ballrooms. Along the way you’ll come across puzzles, new characters, intimidating enemies, and you’ll unlock powerful new moves like the Heel Stomp (I’m picturing Rayne’s unique take on the always popular Curb Stomp) that you can use to vanquish them.



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