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Arkham City’s Collector’s Edition Is Official, Here’s What It Looks Like

It seemed like it was only yesterday when details of Arkham City’s collector’s edition starting making their rounds about the interwebs, and today we’ve got official confirmation and a snazzy pic. Arkham City’s collector’s edition will indeed carry a special statue, art booklet, and early access to the game’s DLC, but that’s actually not everything. Check it out below.

As you can see, the Kotobukiya produced statue is none other than the Caped Crusader himself, in one of his many brooding hero poses, and the aforementioned DLC includes the Lounge Challenge Map and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns skin. The animated content is a bonus DC Universe animated original movie titled Batman: Gotham Knight, and the soundtrack includes several original songs. The collector’s edition will also bring with it four collectible cards. So, for $99.99, is this worth your hard-earned cash or will you just be getting the game so you can use the leftover funds on the bunch of other incredible games coming out in the coming months?



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