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Pre-Order Rise Of Nightmares At Game Stop For Some Exclusive Bonuses

If you haven’t already checked out the frighteningly horrific Rise Of Nightmares screen shots that Adam posted 2 articles down, I suggest you stop acting like a scared little baby and do it. I mean sure Adam basically came onto the entire BD audience, but that’s nothing to be so afraid of. He’s gentle, and soft, and likes to coo softly in your ears to get you going.

I’ve strayed WAY far off the subject. If you pre-order Rise Of Nightmares from your local Game Stop you get some absolutely meh bonuses. I know you’re dying to know what the “lame” exclusive bonus stuff is, so I’m going to hold your hand to the mouse and make you click to head past the break to find out what exactly it all is. I guess for those who love to spend tons and tons of basically useless money on their avatar will be pretty excited. Judge for yourself.

• “Mini Zombie” from the game that will interact with the player’s Avatar on the Xbox 360® dashboard

• Gamestop-Exclusive Premium theme for their Xbox 360® dashboard, inspired by some of the game’s most terrifying locations

• Gamestop-Exclusive Gamer Picture pack that includes a total of ten pictures

Rise Of Nightmares will be out September 6th for the Xbox 360’s Kinect.



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