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Gamescom: This Dark Souls Trailer Is A Little Bossy



This new trailer, fresh from Gamescom, shows off a few of the bosses that’ll undoubtedly be tearing us to pieces when the game adds a much needed dose of dark fantasy fun to the world on October 4. I can’t help but look at the world they’ve created and wonder who came up with these fucking terrifying monsters. From the video games I’ve played and the horror movies I’ve seen, I’ve witnessed a fair share of monsters, but the ones in these games take the place. Like, if there was a beauty pageant for monsters, where they were judged based on quickly they made you soil yourself, the ones in these games would win.

I honestly think this series stands up and in many aspects surpasses the major players in the RPG genre, like the Elder Scrolls and Diablo series. The only thing that keeps it from gaining wider appeal is its incredibly unforgiving difficulty. I’ll admit I broke a controller while playing Demon’s Souls, and I never get that angry. When a game frustrates me I set down the controller and do something productive, like light some candles, lay down on my beanbag and fantasize about TJ. I hope that’s not weird.


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