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Michael Bay Talks ‘Friday the 13th’ Twist!

We’ve heard all about the upcoming Friday the 13th over the past few months, and while there has been plenty revealed, there is still one man who hasn’t spoken up. This afternoon Entertainment Weekly spoke to Platinum Dunes producer (and big action director) Michael Bay about the forthcoming return of Jason Voorhees divulging some interesting news about a possible “twist”?! Read on for the skinny.
While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Bay talked a bit about the new plot for the remake, which arrives in theaters February 13, 2009.

It’s a reconception of the original. We’re introducing a whole group of new kids. What we always try to do is add a little bit of freshness to these movies that were really scary back then and update them for a new audience.

Bay continues, “I haven’t seen the director’s cut because he’s still cutting, but I know this one will really be scary; it’s also funny, as well. It’s a fun college adventure that goes awry. It’s not a movie I would ever show my mom! (Laughs) We don’t make these for our mothers; we make these for the fans out there.

He also took the chance to respond directly to the haters of the remake, which are all over the place…

There are always haters out there, and you can’t get rid of that” he explains. “We try to be faithful, and we’re fans ourselves. It’s like when I did Transformers — I listened to the fans, you know, but you still have to make your own movie by respecting what was done and trying to give it a whole new twist.

A whole new twist? You might want to get that SPOILER hard hat on before you read the next sentance…

You’re just not going to believe the first 12 minutes! It’s a twist in itself…

Watch for more as it comes in. The first image of Jason is rumored to appear as early as this week!



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