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New Exploitation Cinema Double Feature

BCI Eclipse is back with a new edition of their popular Exploitation Cinema DVD line that features both MAUSOLEUM and BLOOD SONG both for a low price of $12.98. Inside you’ll find not only the DVD cover art, but also synopses for both classic films. Click here for all Exploitation releases.
MAUSOLEUM: Susan Nomed (Bobbie Bresee) was ten when her mother died. Now thirty, blonde and beautiful, she is heiress to the family fortune. But for the women of the Nomed family there is another legacy that no one wants to remember, an ancient and evil curse
Possessed by powers that overtake her, Susan’s life becomes a nightmare of lust, terror and murder until even her husband finds himself confronting the face of evil. Only one person can help her cast away the evil, but he will have to face the prince of darkness to free Susan from the grip of Satan.

BLOOD SONG: A young woman (Donna Wilkes – ANGEL) witnesses the murder of a hospital attendant by a psychopath during his escape from a mental institution. The young woman, who once was given a blood transfusion from the killer, is his next victim. Also starring Frankie Avalon, Annette Bower and Richard Jaeckel (GRIZZLY, MAKO JAWS OF DEATH).



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