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RUMOR CONTROL: Just How Did Thornton Become Krueger?

I hated this week, I really did. After spending hours wasting my time writing stories on the BS that was GHOSTBUSTERS and the fun of putting out the TRICK ‘R TREAT flames Warner accidentally ignited, Robert Englund got fans all stirred up over his claim that Billy Bob Thornton would slip on Freddy Krueger’s glove for New Line Cinema’s remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The story, which we all laughed at the second we read it, spread through Internet Land like a dragon burning through a village. Even big sites and news publications reported it as FACT. It was fun watching reputable companies make a complete arse of themselves – but where, oh where, did the rumor stem from? You’re going to LOVE this…
During an interview with IFMagazine, Englund tells them exactly where he heard these “facts”:

I heard this rumor from a journalist at a press conference during Comic-Con. I think Billy Bob is a terrific actor. I’ve been a fan since Evening Shade.

It’s amazing how this sh*t spreads.



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