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First Look at Lance Henriksen in ‘Alone in the Dark II’

This afternoon we were provided with an exclusive first look at Lance Henriksen in Michael Roesch and Peter Sheerer’s Alone in the Dark II, which displays Henriksen as the former witch hunter Abner Lundberg, who is forced to come back to fight his old nemesis, a century-old dangerous witch. Read on for a look! The film tells the story of Edward Carnby, who joins forces with a team of witch hunters to track down the dangerous witch Elisabeth Dexter.
We’ve been fans of Lance since many years. He is really one of the great icons of genre cinema. We wrote the role with him in in mind, and are really excited to have him in the movie,” director Michael Roesch tells us.

He is an amazing actor, and it was a pleasure to work with him. He brought so many ideas for the role of Abner Lundberg,” Director Peter Scheerer adds.



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