Trailer and Website For Indie Feature 'Denizen' - Bloody Disgusting
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Trailer and Website For Indie Feature ‘Denizen’



The official website was launched for a new indie film entitled DENIZEN, which features stills and a trailer for the film. Peace gets shattered in a small town, when suddenly a mysterious creature starts to leave a bloody trail. The last hope for the residents to fight the terror and prevent the destruction by military forces rests on the courage and the resourcefulness of a small group of scientists. Starring Julie Corgill-Lisandro (Cheerleader Massacre), Glen Jensen (Fingerprints, Soul’s Midnight), Ben Bayless and Jody Mullins with a special guest appearance by Tiffany Shepis (The Hazing, Nightmare Man, Abominable) the latest J.A. Steel directed horror-action shocker DENIZEN will be accompanied later this year by a stunning comic tie-in, created by Lawrence White and White Eye Comics.


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