TIFF '08: 'Martyrs' Gets Rare 18A Rating in France - Bloody Disgusting
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TIFF ’08: ‘Martyrs’ Gets Rare 18A Rating in France



After the premiere of his French horror film, Martyrs (review), Director Pascal Laugier took the stage in front of nearly 1,400 screaming fans, who gave the film a standing ovation. During the Q+A session, which took a very interesting turn (more on that soon), Laugier told the audience that the film received an “18A” rating in France – the equivalent to an X-rating here in the States. What’s even more shocking is that MARTYRS is the first film to receive the rating without containing a single scene of sex. From what we’re told, this is as close to being banned as you can get. Thank God the film has been sold in nearly 40 countries, including here in the States, where Dimension Films will release it on DVD next year. Click the title above for a review, poster, stills and more. Also check out our TIFF news page for everything covered in the past week.


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