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Predator #1 Hunts into stores this June!

Similar to the new Aliens comic series, Dark Horse will be doing the same with the Predator comic series. Coming out June 24, Predator #1 will be showing two waring tribes that has their battleground on *gasp* EARTH!!! I read the free comic that came with Aliens, and it’s very accurate to the movies so I am pretty pumped for it. More info after the break…
pred1 The world’s attention is focused painfully on a brutal third world Civil War, a merciless sectarian conflict sparing neither soldier nor civilian, grandmother nor child. But amidst the terror and carnage, where great nations and powerful interests jockey for position and advantage, another blood feud rages in the shadows, one no more humane but decidedly less human. Two warring tribes from the stars have chosen Earth’s killing fields as their arena, with each clan sworn to eradicate the other . . . and all who stand between them. Each is the other’s prey, each the other’s Predator.



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