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RUMOR: Milla Jovovich to Topline ‘Clock Tower’?

Queue this one under rumor for now, but what our regular tipster has told us is that Milla Jovovich (pictured inside) is now set to play Alyssa Barron in Senator Entertainment and The Weinstein Company’s Clock Tower, the adaptation of the best-selling survival horror videogame franchise from Capcom (Resident Evil, Street Fighter). We have NOT confirmed this, so watch this spot for an update. Jovovich has starred in films such as THE FIFTH ELEMENT, the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, ULTRAVIOLET and will be appearing in THE 4TH KIND and A PERFECT GETAWAY. Shooting is scheduled for November in Los Angeles. Read on for a much more details synopsis.
Time stands still at the old Hamilton Inn. On its grounds, a town once took vengeance on a brutal killer – displaying his body from the ghostly hands of the Inn’s ominous clock tower for all to see. Known only as the “Scissor Man,” the killer’s years of silence are about to be broken by a beautiful college coed with a terrifying connection to the old hotel. When 18-year old Alyssa Barron receives a haunting phone call from her estranged birth mother on the eve of her summer vacation, she will find herself almost unwittingly drawn toward the rundown inn and the secret of a mother, a family, and a murder too horrifying to be real. Coming face-to-face with the “Scissor Man” one last time, Alyssa will trade in every luxury of her new life to make one last desperate bid for survivalbefore her time is up!



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