UPDATE: Milla Jovovich to Topline 'Clock Tower' Adaptation - Bloody Disgusting
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UPDATE: Milla Jovovich to Topline ‘Clock Tower’ Adaptation



UPDATE: While we’ve confirmed our previously reported rumor, it appears Milla is denying the claim via an official fansite. I guess it’s time to file this one back as RUMOR once again, although I’m quite sure this will be announced shortly.” We have confirmed our story we broke last week that Milla Jovovich is now set to play Alyssa Barron in Senator Entertainment and The Weinstein Company’s Clock Tower, the adaptation of the best-selling survival horror videogame franchise from Capcom (Resident Evil, Street Fighter). Jovovich has starred in films such as THE FIFTH ELEMENT, the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, ULTRAVIOLET and will be appearing in THE 4TH KIND and A PERFECT GETAWAY. Shooting is scheduled for November in Los Angeles.


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