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Get Excited For ‘Hellraiser’ Again!



Before you get too excited, be prepared to have your hopes smashed as the Weinstein’s can’t seem to get this project off the ground – and can’t seem to make up their mind. After a few months of silence we have the latest name circling Hellraiser, the remake to Clive Barker’s classic adaptation from 1987 that featured the first appearance of horror icon PInhead. Read on to see the latest.
Back in February Marcus Dustan and Patrick Melton (Saw II-VI, Feast-Feast III) were brought in to write a treatment for the latest incarnation of HELLRAISER for French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Inside).

Back in April, it was reported that Bustillo and Mauray were off the project.

The last we heard anything regarding the remake of HELLRAISER was back in May when Darren Lynn Bousman’s (Saw II-IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera) name was circling the film.

Here we are in October where we have just learned that Dimension will not be using Marcus Dustan and Patrick Melton’s treatment and that a new writer-director is working on bringing Pinhead back to the big screen.

After Bustillo and Mauray left, my hopes were smashed, until today. We learned exclusively that Pascal Laugier is now chatting with the Weinstein’s about the long-delayed film, which was once slated for release this forthcoming January.

Laugier is the director of this year’s widely praised French film MARTYRS, which has its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. Dimension Extreme acquired the film for DVD release in 2009 (rumored in April), which was an immediate tip that the director could find his way to the HELLRAISER remake.

Read our interview with Pascal from September here.

HELLRAISER is the tale of a man and wife who move into an old house and discover a hideous creature – the man’s half-brother, who is also the woman’s former lover – hiding upstairs. Having lost his earthly body to a trio of S&M demons, the Cenobites, he is brought back into existence by a drop of blood on the floor. He soon forces his former mistress to bring him his necessary human sacrifices to complete his body… but the Cenobites won’t be happy about this.


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