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AFM ’08: Sales Art and Synopsis For ‘The Daisy Chain’

Courtesy of the AFM film page we’ve got a monster synopsis, sales art and full cast listing for Aisling Walsh’s The Daisy Chain. In the film starring Eva Birthistle, Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh Morton plays a grieving mother who moves to a remote Irish village with her husband (Steven Mackintosh), following the death of their baby daughter. The couple take in a disturbed and orphaned autistic girl called Daisy, only for a series of strange occurrences to start taking place linked to the girl.
From the critically acclaimed director of “Song For A Raggy Boy”, and starring double Oscar-nominee Samantha Morton, THE DAISY CHAIN is a chilling supernatural thriller of obsession, superstition and fear. Blending the unsettling atmosphere of “The Wicker Man” with the terrifying scenario of “Rosemary’s Baby”, THE DAISY CHAIN explores the dark side of the heart in a way that will devastate audiences everywhere.

Tomas and Martha are a couple still in the fresh grip of young love, despite suffering a recent tragedy that has left them heartbroken. Resolute and determined to get on with life, the pair decide to move back to Tomas’s home village in the remote Irish countryside, keen to start afresh and to put their unspoken devastation behind them.

As Tomas always hoped, Martha is instantly won over by the breathtaking beauty of their new home. Perched on the cliffs above the North Atlantic, the village is as quaint and as peaceful as they could have hoped – the perfect place to settle down for the imminent birth of their second child.

But tragedy seems to have followed them. Not long after their arrival, they are shocked by the apparent suicide of another young couple – also recently bereaved following the mysterious death of their son – who set fire to their home in a strangely ritualistic act of violence. Their seven year old daughter survived the fire. Her name is Daisy.

Appalled by this turn of events, Martha sees Daisy as a lost soul in need of love and support, and she quickly persuades Tomas to let the young child stay in their new home. Uncommunicative and clearly disturbed by the tragedy that befell her parents, Daisy is a strange and unsettling presence in their life, but Martha’s own tragic history and a growing sense of insecurity makes her recognize the damaged young girl as a kindred-spirit, who can be nursed back to happiness with love and affection.

But soon, the whispering starts. The locals, steeped in folktales, mythology and superstition, begin to question Daisy’s origins. They tell stories of faeries and changelings, local malevolent spirits that spoil crops, sour milk, steal children.

But Martha does not understand – surely they can see that Daisy is just a troubled young girl? An innocent child, cruelly victimized by her parents, and then witch-hunted by a perverse and outdated community, governed more by superstition than by reason. Daisy’s just an innocent young child.

Isn’t she?

In the tradition of “The Others” and “The Omen”, THE DAISY CHAIN delivers an emotional and terrifying punch.



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