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About That ‘Herbert West’ TV Series….

This weekend we broke the news that a new TV series is the works that would bring Herbert West to the small screen as a young teenage Dr. Frankenstein. Almost immediately following the post one of the mad geniuses behind HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR THE SERIES dropped us a line to clear up any questions B-D readers might have about it. Read on for the skinny.
Here’s the low down of the plot from Writer William Butler.

We are currently working on a pilot for television, which follows a group of young science students while on their journey at Miskatonic University and the sci-fi and supernatural events that occur there,” he tells Bloody-Disgusting exclusively.

But it should be clear that this show is going to be very separate from Stuart Gordon’s masterpiece RE-ANIMATOR.

This project in no way is connected to/or like the original classic movie [RE-ANIMATOR], which we respect and honor with all of our being, but rather a growing narrative inspired by all of HP Lovecrafts early works as well as new science fiction elements. ‘Herbert West: Re-Animator The Series’ will be for Science Fiction, what Buffy The Vampire Slayer was for gothic horror.

Something really cool we learned is that the project was created by Meredith Red, wife of legendary horror writer/director Eric Red, three time Emmy Award Winner John Vulich and William Butler.

The pilot presentation for HERBERT WEST is slated to shoot in April of 2009 from Transition Entertainment.



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