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First Look at ‘Necromentia’ in Teaser Video

Beyond the break you can check out your first look at Pearry Teo’s new film, Necromentia, which looks pretty effin’ cool. In addition, inside you’ll find a pretty massive synopsis for the film that we brought you earlier this month. The film explores the use of a tattooed Ouija Board through the lives and perspectives of 4 people.

Necromentia tells the stories of 3 men whose lives have been turned over by the existence
of a tattooed Ouija Board and the gateways they open with it.

Hagen is a strange character who keeps the corpse of his lover in his house, believing that one
day she will come back from the dead. But when he meets a mysterious man named Travis,
he soon learns that maybe he could be the one who goes into hell and bring her back from the
dead. Once Travis carves the Ouija Board from his back, there is no going back as Hagen comes
face to face with the monstrosities of the creatures within hell. But does Travis really want to
help Hagen, or does he have other plans?

Travis is a young man who takes care of his mentally challenged younger brother after his
parents passed away. But when his brother begins to hallucinate and starts making imaginary
friends who encourage him to commit suicide, he soon murders and kills Travis friends in hopes
of joining his imaginary friends in the after life. When Travis returns home to find his friends
slaughtered and brother commit suicide, he goes out on a journey to find the answers if he can
bring them back from the dead.

Morbius is a man whose marriage is on the rocks. Elizabeth, his wife, is cheating on him with
another man. But what Morbius does not know is that Elizabeth and her lover are plotting to
kill him. When Morbius dies of poison intake, his broken heart for revenge will not go to rest
as his spirit goes on a journey to find a way to return back from the dead and take revenge
to make the wrong things right.

In the vein of Pulp Fiction, Necromentia tells the story of 3 men and how their lives are eventually
interwined. The first part (Hagen’s Story) has already been shot as a screen test. See images



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