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Urban Legend Director Attracting 3D ‘Flies’

While I still haven’t taken the time to write a review for his remake of LONG WEEKEND, Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend, Storm Warning) is already out prepping his next horror film. During an interview with Inside Film, Australian producer David Hannay announced he would be teaming up with Anthony Egan to bring us a new 3D horror film entitled Flies, which will be directed by Blanks from a screenplay by Egan. Read on for the skinny.
Veteran and legendary producer David Hannay (Stone, The Man from Hong Kong) is teaming up with editor/writer Anthony Egan to produce what could potentially be Australia’s first feature film in stereoscopic 3D.

Hannay hinted to INSIDEFILM that Flies, expected to commence production in the first quarter of 2009, has already piqued the interest of a prominent sales agent at Cannes this year.

Written by Egan and set to be directed by Jamie Blanks (Long Weekend, Urban Legend), the horror comedy Flies will be about genetically altered insects that escape a laboratory that attacks a town about to open a tourist attraction in the shape of a giant blowfly.

And although Blanks’ LONG WEEKEND is about man vs nature, FLIES will look at it from another perspective.

It was a concept we thought that no one has really touched on the subject of `nature goes nuts’ in Australia,” said Egan. “So we thought up an idea that would fit that genre and have appeal in the national marketplace.

Click here to read the entire article where they talk a bit more about 3D technologies.



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