Dark Sky Films Announces 'The Cremator' DVD - Bloody Disgusting
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Dark Sky Films Announces ‘The Cremator’ DVD



Called “morbid, darkly funny work” by TV Guide and “horror of the purest kind… a sinister gem which deserves rediscovery” by Beyond Hollywood, The Cremator is a stunning example of the Czech New Wave movement, gliding effortlessly between surrealism and expressionism. Equal parts black comedy and horror, The Cremator was originally released in 1969 and went on to win Best Actor and Best Cinematography at the 1972 Sitges Film Festival. The film went on to win and will please fans of films like Eraserhead, El Topo and Vampyr and will be released on DVD on March 31st, 2009 from Dark Sky Film
The Cremator tells the tale of Karl Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrusinsky), who works at a stately crematorium in Prague. Obsessed with his duties, he believes he is liberating the souls of the departed. With Nazi forces gathering at the Czech border, Karl descends into a mania that allows him to wholly enact his disturbed beliefs. No one is safe from his quest for salvation, not even his own family.


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