Pang Brothers Plan 3-D Eye Sequel, 'The Child's Eye' - Bloody Disgusting
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Pang Brothers Plan 3-D Eye Sequel, ‘The Child’s Eye’



Before the Asian horror craze made its way overseas, I found myself obsessed with a little Thai film by the name The Eye (or Gin gwai). Directed by the Pang brothers (who also blew my mind with their indie film Bangkok Dangerous), the supernatural ghost story had earned a special place in my heart. Too bad none of the sequels achieved the same. This morning Production Weekly reports that the Pang brothers are back again with another planned sequel, this time the gimmick is that it’ll be filmed in 3-D. Titled The Child’s Eye, Elanne Kwong & Rainie Young have been cast. No other details have been revealed.
The Eye


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