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‘Let the Right One In’ Subtitles Debacle

Yesterday evening Icons of Fright posted a story that calls out Magnolia Pictures for their sub-par subtitling of the DVD/Blu-ray release of Let the Right One In. At the site you’ll find side-by-side comparisons to see just how f*cked up it gets. Magnolia’s response? They’ll fix it, but won’t replace it. Personally I don’t care, I like the English dub better (just kidding). Read on for the skinny.
Here’s what Magnolia tells The Digital Bits:

We’ve been made aware that there are several fans that don’t like the version of the subtitles on the DVD/BR. We had an alternate translation that we went with. Obviously a lot of fans thought we should have stuck with the original theatrical version. We are listening to the fans feedback, and going forward we will be manufacturing the discs with the subtitles from the theatrical version.

We asked Magnet some follow-up questions, specifically how people will be able to identify the new discs, when they’ll be available in stores and if there will be an exchange program for those who have the existing version. Here’s what they said:

There are no exchanges. We are going to make an alternate version available however. For those that wish to purchase a version with the theatrical subtitles, it will be called out in the tech specs box at the back/bottom of the package where it will list SUBTITLES: ENGLISH (Theatrical), SPANISH.



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