Channel 18 TV Guide Ad For Uncle Coffin's Creature Double Feature - Bloody Disgusting
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Channel 18 TV Guide Ad For Uncle Coffin’s Creature Double Feature



Is Rob Zombie really directing Halloween 2? Not only is he hard at work filming Michael Myers’ latest adventure, but he’s also keep your ol’ pals at Bloody-Disgusting busy with loads of updates from the set in Georgia. Today he posted two fun ads that feature Uncle Seymour Coffins from Channel 18’s “Creature Double Feature”. “Check out this old Creature Feature TV guide ad,” writes Zombie. “Coffins is the man!” You can check out the images inside — but before you do that, a little clarification. Bill Moseley is NOT playing Coffins as his he had a conflict of schedule, therefore he was recast (boo!). New name coming soon.


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