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First Pic of the NEW Young Michael Myers in ‘H2’!

We broke the news a few weeks back that Daeg Faerch had been recast as young Michael Meyers in Rob Zombie’s forthcoming Halloween sequel tentatively titled Halloween 2: The Devil Walks Among Us. Today you get your first look at Chase Vanek as lil’ Michael. “Here he is for the first time CHASE VANEK the new young Michael Myers,” Zombie writes. “Chase has been kicking ass on set and we are sure you will love him as much as we do. Chase’s favorite question to ask me is “When do I get to kill someone ?” Kind of reminds me of another young Michael I used to know.” Shooting is now underway in Georgia with Dimension Films lining the release for August 28th.
Chase Wright Vanek

Chase Wright Vanek cast in H2 as Michael Myers

Daeg Faerch



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