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UPDATE: Get Ready For TWO New ‘Ju-On’ Films This June!



If the rash of sequels and remakes weren’t confusing enough, creator Takashi Shimizu has produced not one, but two brand new Ju-On (The Grudge) films for the feature’s tenth anniversary! The most shocking part is that these films are slated for release on June 27th in Japan (I guess they’re referring to this year, there’s no other indication of next), with the official teaser trailer already available on the official website. You can read all about it beyond the break and check out the trailer there as well.
Update: Click here for plot details.

Twitch Film reports:

Not counting the video game entry into the franchise – also coming as part of the anniversary – there are two new feature length installments in the works – both of which are due to release on June 27th. Ju-On: Shiroi Roujo – directed by Ryuta Miyake – and Ju-On: Kuroi Shoujo – directed by Mari Asato – are the new installments, both of them supervised by Shimizu and original producer Taka Ichise. A two-for-one teaser has arrived on the anniversary website, both of them creepy as hell, and both of them looking to mess about substantially with the series mythology while also incorporating certain key elements.

Click either title above for early one sheets and five stills from each film.

Check out the official website for more on both.


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