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Horror In Your House Burrows for Chrome Skull

This is a great week for user reviews as two highly anticipated features have finally been released on DVD TODAY! Available at retailers everywhere are J.T Petty’s The Burrowers from Lionsgate and Rob Hall’s Laid to Rest from Anchor Bay. These are two must-see films and we hope you’ll check back and write your own reviews after you see ’em. For everything else hitting stores this week, read beyond the break.
Horror in your House
April 21, 2009


The Dakota Territories. 1879. A handful of brave pioneers maintain isolated settlements in the badlands beyond civilization. Irish Immigrant Fergus Coffey is near to winning the hand of his beloved Maryanne when she is suddenly taken from him, her family brutally abducted in a nighttime attack on their homestead. Suspicion falls immediately on hostile Indians. Experienced Indian fighters Will Parcher and John Clay form a posse and set out to rescue the kidnapped settlers, taking along a naïve teenager hoping to prove himself a man, an ex-slave looking for his place, and their ranch-hand, Coffey. But as men vanish in the night, and horrific evidence accumulates with the dead and dying, the group discovers that their prey is far more terrifying than anything human, and their prospects are far more terrible than death.

FEAR GIRLS Volume One: Celebrity

WHEN THE SUN SETS AND THE LIGHT OF THE DAY HAS DISAPPEARED, FOUR VIGNETTES OF HORROR AND EROTICA TAKE OVER… Experience the voyeuristic feast of a female vampire claiming her latest victim after an exciting sexual seduction. –Be there for the sexy and bloody climax as a stalker is surprised when the victim turns the tables on their frightening encounter. –Watch breathlessly as a bout of S&M takes a wildly violent and unexpected turn. –As an added bonus, encounter some of the sexiest women in the world as they deliver nasty stripteases. The Fear Girls are hot, but cold blooded in these thriller tinged stories of passion and fate.

HELLRAISER Limited Edition Box Set (HELLRAISER, HELLBOUND 20th anni. DVDs, HELLRAISER Blu-ray): Anchor Bay

Loaded with nearly 3 hours of bonus material, this 3 disc set comes in a custom made Hellraiser Puzzle Box that slides open to reveal the discs. Disc 1: Hellraiser, Disc 2: Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Disc 3 the Hellraiser Blu Ray.

TEX SAYS: Come on, The Burrowers, Laid to Rest and Hellraiser on Blu-Ray! What a week. You gotta buy this sucker too!


A terrifying story of a young girl who wakes up in a casket with a traumatic head injury and no memory of her identity. She quickly realizes she was abducted by a deranged serial murder and must survive the night and outsmart the technologically inclined killer who is hell bent on finishing what he started.

TEX SAYS: Rob Hall’s epic slasher film is the bloodiest thing I’ve seen in forever…check it out….at all costs!

MANIAC ON THE LOOSE: Forbidden Pleasures/SRS Cinema

A patient described as extremely dangerous has escaped from the local psychiatric hospital. Fearing he’ll lose his job if word gets out, the head of the hospital, Dr. Franklin Grimm, desperately attempts to cover up the escape. Meanwhile, there is a Maniac on the Loose.

THE POKER CLUB: Sony Pictures

For years, Aaron Tyler has been getting together with his three best friends on Monday nights to play poker. But tonight, everything is about to change forever when the men accidentally kill a burglar who’s broken into Aaron’s house. Fearing the consequences, Aaron and his friends dispose of the corpse and agree to take the secret to their graves. However, they soon discover that someone knows what they’ve done and is now playing a murderous game of revenge with them in this horrifying thriller.

SAM’S LAKE: Lionsgate

As she does every summer, Sam takes a group of friends to accompany her on a retreat to the cottage she grew up in. On this year’s trip, Sam and her friends are faced with the terrifying legend of Sam’s Lake.



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