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Emily Browning Chit-Chats ‘The Uninvited’

Now available on DVD and Blu-ray from Paramount Home Entertainment is The Uninvited, a remake of the Korean horror-thriller A Tale of Two Sisters directed by Tom and Charlie Guard. We caught up with star Emily Browning for a brief chat about the film, where she plays Anna Rydell, who returns home to her sister (and best friend) Alex after a stint in a mental hospital, though her recovery is jeopardized thanks to her cruel stepmother, aloof father, and the presence of a ghost in their home.
Emily Browning in The UninvitedBrowning tells us that she thinks THE UNINVITED feels more like it was inspired by A TALE OF TWO SISTSERS as opposed it being a remake.

I did see the original film. I thought that it was really beautiful, especially the cinematography. I don’t even really think of The Uninvited as a remake but rather a film that was inspired by (and loosely based on) A Tale of Two Sisters. It’s hard to compare them because they are completely separate for me.

The dynamics between Arielle Kebbel and Browning were rock solid, in fact, they had so much fun filming they drove some of the crew crazy! Browning reflects on her favor moments on shooting THE UNINVITED.

It’s not one specific memory, but every time we did night shoots it would get to crazy time at about 3am,” explaining that they were getting over-tired. “Essentially for about one hour each night Arielle and I COULD NOT stop laughing, no matter how hard we tried. We were just so tired and delirious. It would actually get to the point where we just wanted to go to bed. Our stomachs would ache, but we couldn’t. I think the crew kind of wanted to kill us at times like those but looking back on it, it was extremely fun.

Browning has now been in three horror films – THE UNINVITED, DARKNESS FALLS and GHOST SHIP – but all have been in the PG-13 range, she explains that she’s not really interested in “gore” films and that horror isn;t even really her prefered genre.

I don’t really have a specific interest in doing a gory film, no. It just depends if an interesting script comes along. I guess I could be subconsciously drawn to horror, but no, it wasn’t really intentional, it just happened that way… I definitely don’t see horror as my “genre”.

There are all sorts of “conspiracy theories” behind the filming of DARKNESS FALLS, we hoped to get the inside scoop from Browning, but unfortunately she hasn’t even heard anything herself.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I have never heard about any of this. Really! I was just a kid when I shot it so I wasn’t involved in any of the politics of the film. I do remember doing reshoots but I don’t know if I was even told why. I’m intrigued now though… I want to know what happened too!

THE UNINVITED is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Emily Browning in The Uninvited



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